Commit 9a8c087e authored by Léon Gondelman 's avatar Léon Gondelman


parent 4592361e
......@@ -354,7 +354,7 @@ Section vcg_spec.
Lemma dce_subst_subst_comm E (x: string) (de: dcexpr) (dv: dval) :
dcexpr_interp E (dce_subst E x dv de) =
(let: x := (dval_interp E dv) in (dcexpr_interp E de))%E.
(subst x (dval_interp E dv) (dcexpr_interp E de))%E.
......@@ -519,19 +519,19 @@ Section vcg_spec.
as [[[ms2 mNew2] dv2]|] eqn:Hsp2; simplify_eq /=.
unfold popstack in Hsp.
destruct ms2 as [|t ms2'] eqn:Houteq; simplify_eq/=.
(* specialize (IHn (mNew1 :: ms1)). *)
(* specialize (IHn de1). *)
iPoseProof (IHn de1 ms) as "Hawp1"; first done.
iPoseProof (IHn (dce_subst E s dv1 de2) (mNew1 :: ms1))
as "Hawp2"; first done.
iDestruct (denv_stack_interp_trans with "Hawp1 Hawp2") as "Hawp".
iClear "Hawp1 Hawp2".
iApply (denv_stack_interp_mono with "Hawp"). iIntros "[Hawp1 Hawp2]".
assert (Closed (s:b:[]) (dcexpr_interp E de2)). admit.
iApply awp_bind.
* admit.
* exists (λ: s, dcexpr_interp E de2)%V. by unlock.
* iApply (awp_wand with "Hawp1").
iIntros (?) "[% HmNew1]". simplify_eq/=. iClear "Hawp".
iIntros (v) "[% HmNew1]". simplify_eq/=. iClear "Hawp".
iDestruct ("Hawp2" with "HmNew1") as "[HmNew' Hawp2]".
rewrite dce_subst_subst_comm. iApply (awp_wand with "Hawp2").
iIntros (?) "[% HmNew1]". simplify_eq/=. iSplit; eauto.
rewrite- denv_merge_interp. iFrame.
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