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extend vcgen with par.

parent 97c0d2c3
......@@ -43,4 +43,23 @@ Section test.
iIntros "**". vcg_solver. auto.
Lemma test_par_1 (l1 l2 : loc) (v1 v2: val) :
l1 C v1 - l2 C v2 -
awp ( ∗ᶜ l1 ||| ∗ᶜ l2) True
(λ w, w = (v1, v2)%V l1 C v1 l2 C v2).
iIntros "**". vcg_solver. rewrite Qp_half_half. eauto with iFrame.
Lemma test_par_2 (l1 l2 : loc) (v1 v2: val) :
l1 C v1 - l2 C v2 -
awp ( (l1 = a_ret v2) ||| (l2 = a_ret v1) ) True
(λ w, w = (v2, v1)%V l1 C[LLvl] v2 l2 C[LLvl] v1).
iIntros "**". vcg_solver. eauto with iFrame.
(*TODO: test function call with multiple arguments *)
End test.
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