Commit 5b46218d authored by Dan Frumin's avatar Dan Frumin
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Add `awp_wand`

parent def619ad
......@@ -28,7 +28,20 @@ Section lifting.
rewrite /awp.
wp_pure _.
Lemma awp_wand e (Φ Ψ : val iProp Σ) R :
awp e R Φ -
( v, Φ v - Ψ v) -
awp e R Ψ.
iIntros "HAWP Hv".
rewrite /awp.
iApply (wp_wand with "HAWP").
iIntros (v) "HΦ".
iIntros (γ π env l) "#Hflock Hunfl".
iApply (wp_wand with "[HΦ Hunfl]"); first by iApply "HΦ".
iIntros (w) "[HΦ $]". by iApply "Hv".
End lifting.
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