Commit 37ba124b authored by Léon Gondelman's avatar Léon Gondelman
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adding definitions for a_if and a_while

parent ccd60df8
......@@ -26,11 +26,11 @@ Definition a_load : val := λ: "x",
) "x".
Definition a_un_op (op : un_op) : val := λ: "x",
a_bind (λ: "v", UnOp op "v") "x".
a_bind (λ: "v", a_ret (λ: <>, UnOp op "v")) "x".
Definition a_bin_op (op : bin_op) : val := λ: "x1" "x2",
a_bind (λ: "vv",
BinOp op (Fst "vv") (Snd "vv")
a_ret (BinOp op (Fst "vv") (Snd "vv"))
) (a_par "x1" "x2").
(* M () *)
......@@ -38,6 +38,23 @@ Definition a_bin_op (op : bin_op) : val := λ: "x1" "x2",
Definition a_seq : val := λ: "env",
a_atomic_env (λ: "env", mset_clear "env") "env".
Definition a_sequence : val := λ: "e1" "e2",
a_bind (λ: <>,
a_bind (λ: <>, (a_bind (λ: "v", a_ret "v") "e2")) a_seq
) "e1".
Definition a_if : val := λ: "cnd" "e1" "e2",
a_bind (λ: "c", if: "c" then "e1" else "e2") "cnd".
Definition a_while: val := λ: "cond" "body",
let: "rwhile" :=
rec: "while" "cnd" "bdy" :=
a_if "cnd"
(a_sequence "bdy"
(λ: "env" "l", ("while" "cnd" "bdy") "env" "l"))
(a_ret #())
in "rwhile" "cond" "body".
Section proofs.
Context `{locking_heapG Σ, heapG Σ, flockG Σ, spawnG Σ}.
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