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Add a_store_spec

parent f1c294e5
......@@ -125,12 +125,15 @@ Section a_wp.
iIntros "Hunfl". wp_seq. iFrame.
Lemma awp_par (v1 v2 : val) R (Ψ1 Ψ2 Φ : val iProp Σ) :
awp v1 R Ψ1 -
awp v2 R Ψ2 -
Lemma awp_par (ve1 ve2 : expr) (v1 v2 : val) R (Ψ1 Ψ2 Φ : val iProp Σ) :
IntoVal ve1 v1
IntoVal ve2 v2
awp ve1 R Ψ1 -
awp ve2 R Ψ2 -
( w1 w2, Ψ1 w1 - Ψ2 w2 - Φ (w1,w2)%V) -
awp (a_par v1 v2) R Φ.
awp (a_par ve1 ve2) R Φ.
intros ? ?. rewrite -(of_to_val ve1 v1); last done. rewrite -(of_to_val ve2 v2); last done.
iIntros "Hwp1 Hwp2 HΦ" (γ π env l) "#Hlock [Hunfl1 Hunfl2]".
rewrite /a_par /=. do 4 wp_lam.
iApply (par_spec (λ v, Ψ1 v unflocked _ (π/2))%I
......@@ -38,9 +38,8 @@ Definition a_bin_op (op : bin_op) : val := λ: "x1" "x2",
Definition a_seq : val := λ: "env",
a_atomic_env (λ: "env", mset_clear "env") "env".
Section proofs.
Context `{locking_heapG Σ, heapG Σ, flockG Σ}.
Context `{locking_heapG Σ, heapG Σ, flockG Σ, spawnG Σ}.
Lemma a_load_spec R `{Timeless _ R} (l : loc) (v : val) Φ :
l U v -
......@@ -103,4 +102,58 @@ Section proofs.
- by iApply "HΦ".
Lemma a_store_spec `{Timeless _ R} (l : loc) (v : val) (w : val) Φ :
l U v -
(l L w - Φ w) -
awp (a_store (a_ret #l) (a_ret w)) R Φ.
unfold a_store. iIntros "Hv HΦ".
rewrite /a_ret.
repeat (awp_pure _).
rewrite /awp. iIntros (γ π env lk) "Hflock Hunfl".
Opaque par. repeat (wp_pure _).
wp_bind (_ ||| _)%E.
iApply (wp_par (fun v => v = #l) (fun v => v = w))%I.
{ repeat wp_pure _. eauto. }
{ repeat wp_pure _. eauto. }
iIntros (? ?) "[% %]"; simplify_eq/=. iNext.
wp_let. wp_let.
iRevert "Hflock Hunfl". iRevert (γ π env lk).
iApply awp_atomic_env.
iIntros (env) "Henv HR".
rewrite {2}/env_inv.
iDestruct "Henv" as (X σ) "(HX & Hσ & Hls & Hlocks)".
iDestruct "Hlocks" as %Hlocks.
iDestruct (locked_locs_unlocked with "Hv Hσ") as %Hl.
assert (#l X).
{ unfold correct_locks in *. intros Hx. apply Hl.
destruct (Hlocks _ Hx) as [l' [? Hl']]. by simplify_eq/=. }
wp_let. wp_proj.
wp_apply (mset_add_spec with "[$HX]"); eauto.
iIntros "HX". wp_seq.
iAssert (⌜σ !! l = Some ULvl%I) with "[Hσ Hv]" as %?.
{ rewrite mapsto_eq /mapsto_def.
iDestruct "Hv" as "[Hv Hl]".
by iDestruct (own_valid_2 with "Hσ Hl")
as %[?%heap_singleton_included _]%auth_valid_discrete_2. }
iMod (locking_heap_change_lock _ _ ULvl LLvl with "Hσ Hv") as "[Hσ Hv]".
do 2 wp_proj. rewrite mapsto_eq /mapsto_def.
iDestruct "Hv" as "[Hv Hl]".
rewrite (big_sepM_lookup_acc _ _ l ULvl); last done.
iDestruct "Hls" as "[Hl' Hls]".
iDestruct "Hl'" as (?) "Hl'".
iDestruct (mapsto_agree l (1/2) (1/2) with "Hl' Hv") as %->.
iCombine "Hv Hl'" as "Hv".
iDestruct "Hv" as "[Hv Hl']".
iSpecialize ("Hls" with "[Hl']"); eauto.
wp_proj. iFrame "HR". iSplitR "HΦ Hl Hv".
- iExists ({[#l]} X),(<[l:=LLvl]> σ). iFrame. iSplitL.
+ rewrite -big_sepM_insert_override; eauto.
+ (* TODO: a separate lemma somewhere *)
iPureIntro. rewrite locked_locs_lock.
revert Hlocks. rewrite /correct_locks /set_Forall. set_solver.
- iApply "HΦ". iFrame.
End proofs.
......@@ -148,11 +148,14 @@ Section MutableSet_wp.
iExists s, hd. eauto.
Lemma mset_add_spec (x: val) (xs: val) (X: gset val):
Lemma mset_add_spec (xe xse: expr) (x xs: val) (X: gset val):
IntoVal xe x
IntoVal xse xs
{{{ is_set_mut xs X x X }}}
mset_add x xs
mset_add xe xse
{{{ RET #() ; (is_set_mut xs ({[x]} X))}}}.
intros ??. rewrite -(of_to_val xe x); last done. rewrite -(of_to_val xse xs); last done.
iIntros (Φ) "[Hmut %] HPost".
iDestruct "Hmut" as (s hd) "[% [Hs Hset]]"; subst.
do 2 wp_lam; wp_load; wp_let.
......@@ -162,7 +165,6 @@ Section MutableSet_wp.
iExists s, v. by iFrame.
Lemma mset_clear_spec (xs: val) (X: gset val):
{{{ is_set_mut xs X }}}
mset_clear xs
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