Commit 05b75498 authored by Dan Frumin's avatar Dan Frumin
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incorrect proof of acquire

parent 823bfcad
......@@ -596,6 +596,15 @@ Section flock.
by apply auth_update_alloc.
Global Instance snd_cmramorphism :
CmraMorphism (@snd Qp (agree lock_res_name)).
split; first apply _.
- move=> n [? ?] [// ?].
- move=> [a b]/=. admit.
Lemma acquire_flock_spec γ lk (I : gmap prop_id lock_res) :
{{{ is_flock γ lk [ map] i X I, flock_res γ i X }}}
acquire lk
......@@ -658,29 +667,76 @@ Section flock.
iDestruct (own_valid_2 with "Haprops HI")
as %[Hfoo _]%auth_valid_discrete_2.
(* TODO: RK, please take a look at this horrific script *)
(* We are going to separate the active resources I out of the fp map *)
pose (I'' := fmap res_name I).
assert ( P', P' ## I'' fp = P' I'') as [P' HP'].
assert ( P', P' ## I'' fp P' I'') as [P' HP'].
{ subst I'' I' fa. clear H1.
unfold to_props_map in *.
pose (f := (λ X, (res_frac X, to_agree (res_name X)))).
pose (g := (λ X:lock_res_name, (1%Qp, to_agree X))).
(* Proof idea:
f <$> I ≼ g <$> fp
snd <$> f <$> I ≼ snd <$> g <$> fp
= to_agree o res_name <$> I ≼ to_agree <$> fp *)
assert (((snd <$> (f <$> I)) : gmapUR prop_id (agreeR lock_res_nameC)) (snd <$> (g <$> fp))) as Hbar.
{ (* TODO: this is the /proper/ proof of the statement, but
the proof is incorrect because currently projections are
not morphisms *)
eapply cmra_morphism_monotone; last exact: Hfoo.
apply gmap_fmap_cmra_morphism. apply _.
rewrite -!map_fmap_compose in Hbar.
assert ((to_agree res_name <$> I) to_agree <$> fp) as Hbaz by exact: Hbar.
rewrite map_fmap_compose in Hbaz.
(* which implies the following *)
assert ( i, to_agree <$> (res_name <$> (I !! i)) to_agree <$> (fp !! i)) as Hbork.
{ intros i. rewrite -!lookup_fmap. revert i.
apply lookup_included. exact: Hbaz. }
clear Hbaz Hbar Hfoo.
generalize dependent fp.
induction I as [|i X I] using map_ind; intros fp.
induction I as [|i X I HI IHI] using map_ind; intros fp.
+ rewrite fmap_empty.
exists fp. admit.
exists fp. rewrite right_id.
split; first solve_map_disjoint; auto.
+ rewrite fmap_insert=>Hfp.
specialize (IHI (delete i fp)).
assert ((λ X : lock_res, (res_frac X, to_agree (res_name X))) <$> I to_props_map (delete i fp)) as HLOL.
{ (* apply lookup_included in Hfp. *)
admit. }
specialize (IHI HLOL).
assert ( j, to_agree <$> (res_name <$> I !! j)
(to_agree <$> delete i fp !! j)) as goodboi.
{ intros j.
destruct (decide (i = j)) as [<-|?].
- by rewrite HI lookup_delete.
- specialize (Hfp j).
rewrite lookup_insert_ne in Hfp; last done.
rewrite lookup_delete_ne //. }
specialize (IHI goodboi). clear goodboi.
destruct IHI as [P [HP HU]].
assert (P !! i = None) as HPi.
{ admit. }
exists P. rewrite !fmap_insert. split.
* solve_map_disjoint.
* rewrite -insert_union_r // -HU.
rewrite insert_delete.
symmetry. apply insert_id.
admit. }
{ destruct (P !! i) as [Y|] eqn:HPi; auto; simplify_eq/=.
exfalso. unfold_leibniz.
specialize (HU i). fold_leibniz.
rewrite (lookup_union_Some_l _ _ _ _ HPi) in HU.
rewrite lookup_delete in HU. done. }
exists P. split; first solve_map_disjoint.
rewrite -insert_union_r // -HU.
rewrite insert_delete=> j.
specialize (Hfp j).
destruct (decide (i = j)) as [<-|?].
* revert Hfp. rewrite !lookup_insert.
intros Hfp.
destruct (proj1( option_included _ _) Hfp)
as [?|(a&?&Ha&Hj&Heq)]; simplify_eq/=.
destruct (fp !! i) as [Y|] eqn:HY; simplify_eq/=.
revert Heq. rewrite to_agree_included HY.
intros [->%to_agree_inj | ->]; reflexivity.
* rewrite lookup_insert_ne //. }
destruct HP' as [HP' ->].
rewrite /all_tokens big_sepM_union //.
iDestruct "Htokens" as "[Htokens H]".
rewrite /I'' big_sepM_fmap. iFrame.
......@@ -692,7 +748,7 @@ Section flock.
iFrame. iSplit; eauto.
rewrite big_sepM_fmap.
iApply (big_sepM_own_frag with "Hemp HI").
Lemma release_cancel_spec' γ lk I :
{{{ is_flock γ lk flocked γ I }}}
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