Commit eb01938a authored by Jonas Kastberg's avatar Jonas Kastberg

Added a parallel composition for lambdas over channels

parent fd9a4c7a
......@@ -468,6 +468,44 @@ Section properties.
iExists c1, c2. iSplit=>//. iFrame "Hp1 Hp2".
Section with_spawn.
Context `{spawnG Σ}.
Definition spar : val :=
(λ: "e2" "e1",
let: "c" := new_chan #() in
("e1" (Fst "c")) ||| ("e2" (Snd "c")))%V.
Lemma ltyped_spar Γ Γ1 Γ2 Γ' Γ1' Γ2' e1 e2 S A B :
env_split Γ Γ1 Γ2 -
env_split Γ' Γ1' Γ2' -
(Γ1 e1 : (chan S) A Γ1') -
(Γ2 e2 : (chan (lty_dual S)) B Γ2') -
Γ spar e2 e1 : A * B Γ'.
iIntros "#Hsplit1 #Hsplit2 #He1 #He2" (vs) "!> HΓ /=".
iDestruct ("Hsplit1" with "HΓ") as "[HΓ1 HΓ2]".
iDestruct ("He1" with "HΓ1") as "Hv1".
iDestruct ("He2" with "HΓ2") as "Hv2".
wp_apply (wp_wand with "Hv1").
iIntros (v1) "[Hv1 HΓ1']".
wp_apply (wp_wand with "Hv2").
iIntros (v2) "[Hv2 HΓ2']".
wp_lam. wp_pures.
wp_apply (new_chan_spec (lsty_car S))=> //.
iIntros (c1 c2) "[Hc1 Hc2]".
wp_apply (wp_par with "[Hc1 Hv1] [Hc2 Hv2] [HΓ1' HΓ2']").
- wp_apply "Hv1". iApply "Hc1".
- wp_apply "Hv2". iApply "Hc2".
- iIntros (w1 w2) "[Hw1 Hw2]".
iSplitL "Hw1 Hw2".
+ iExists _, _. iFrame. done.
+ iApply "Hsplit2". iFrame "HΓ1' HΓ2'".
End with_spawn.
Lemma ltyped_send Γ Γ' (x : string) e A S :
Γ' !! x = Some (chan (<!!> TY A; S))%lty
(Γ e : A Γ') -
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