Commit deca51fa authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers

Generalize to binder.

parent 8b257448
......@@ -524,12 +524,12 @@ Section properties.
iApply (iProto_le_trans with "IH"). iIntros (Xs). by iExists (LTysS _ _).
Lemma ltyped_recv_poly {kt} Γ1 Γ2 (xc x : string) (e : expr)
Lemma ltyped_recv_texist {kt} Γ1 Γ2 (xc : string) (x : binder) (e : expr)
(A : ltys Σ kt ltty Σ) (S : ltys Σ kt lsty Σ) (B : ltty Σ) :
( Ys,
binder_insert x (A Ys) (<[xc:=(chan (S Ys))%lty]> Γ1) e : B Γ2) -
<[xc:=(chan (<??.. Xs> TY A Xs; S Xs))%lty]> Γ1
(let: x:=recv xc in e) : B binder_delete x Γ2.
(let: x := recv xc in e) : B binder_delete x Γ2.
iIntros "#He !>". iIntros (vs) "HΓ /=".
iDestruct (env_ltyped_lookup with "HΓ") as (c Hxc) "[Hc HΓ]".
......@@ -540,13 +540,13 @@ Section properties.
{ iApply (iProto_mapsto_le with "Hc"); iIntros "!>".
iApply iProto_le_lmsg_texist. }
wp_recv (Xs v) as "HA". wp_pures.
rewrite -subst_map_insert.
rewrite -subst_map_binder_insert.
wp_apply (wp_wand with "(He [-]) []").
{ iApply (env_ltyped_insert _ _ x with "HA").
rewrite delete_insert_delete.
iEval (rewrite -(insert_id vs xc c) // -(insert_delete Γ1)).
by iApply (env_ltyped_insert _ _ xc with "[Hc] HΓ"). }
iIntros (w) "[$ HΓ]". by iApply env_ltyped_delete.
iIntros (w) "[$ HΓ]". by destruct x; [|by iApply env_ltyped_delete].
Lemma ltyped_recv Γ (x : string) A S :
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