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More clean up

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......@@ -7,6 +7,6 @@ Section basics.
l2' #22 -
(<! (l1 l2 : loc)> MSG (#l1, #l2) {{ l1 #20 l2 #22 }}; END)%proto
(<! (l1 : loc)> MSG (#l1, #l2') {{ l1 #20 }}; END)%proto.
Proof. iIntros "Hl2'" (l1) "Hl1". iExists l1, l2'. by iFrame. Qed.
Proof. iIntros "Hl2'" (l1) "Hl1". iExists l1, l2'. by iFrame "Hl1 Hl2'". Qed.
End pair.
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