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## Getting Started
TAS-OPT implements optimisation to enhance cache locality in network packet processing code.
It also contains contorl flow linearization transform.
### Prerequisites
......@@ -19,16 +21,13 @@ $ cmake ..
$ make
## To test the Pass
Use `opt` tool to load the pass and invoke in llvm pass pipeline.
Running below command from `build` directory:
$ opt -load lib/ -hello < examples/hello_world.bc > /dev/null
Expected output:
## To run unit tests
Hello: main
$ cd build/bin
command: ./tests <TEST_DIR_PATH>
In our case test files are in $PROJECT_ROOT/test/unittests/input
$./tests ../../test/unittests/input/
## Documentation
Few design notes can be found in the project wiki.
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