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test for 'crazy higher order'

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(** This file tests a bunch of things. *)
From program_logic Require Import model.
From program_logic Require Import model saved_prop.
Module ModelTest. (* Make sure we got the notations right. *)
Definition iResTest {Λ : language} {Σ : rFunctor}
(w : iWld Λ Σ) (p : iPst Λ) (g : iGst Λ Σ) : iRes Λ Σ := Res w p (Some g).
End ModelTest.
Module SavedPropTest.
(* Test if we can really go "crazy higher order" *)
Section sec.
Definition Σ : rFunctorG := #[ agreeRF (cofe_morCF idCF idCF) ].
Context {Λ : language}.
Notation iProp := (iPropG Λ Σ).
Local Instance : savedPropG Λ Σ (cofe_morCF idCF idCF) := _.
Definition own_pred γ (φ : laterC iProp -n> laterC iProp) : iProp :=
saved_prop_own γ φ.
End sec.
End SavedPropTest.
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