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Document `ElimModal`.

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......@@ -234,6 +234,25 @@ Arguments IsExcept0 {_} _%I : simpl never.
Arguments is_except_0 {_} _%I {_}.
Hint Mode IsExcept0 + ! : typeclass_instances.
(** The [ElimModal φ p p' P P' Q Q'] class is used by the [iMod] tactic.
The inputs are [p], [P] and [Q], and the outputs are [φ], [p'], [P'] and [Q'].
The class is used to transform a hypothesis [P] into a hypothesis [P'], given
a goal [Q], which is simultaniously transformed into [Q']. The Booleans [p]
and [p'] indicate whether the original, respectively, updated hypothesis reside
in the persistent context (iff [true]). The proposition [φ] can be used to
express a side-condition that [iMod] will generate (if not [True]).
An example instance is:
ElimModal True p false (|={E1,E2}=> P) P (|={E1,E3}=> Q) (|={E2,E3}=> Q).
This instance expresses that to eliminate [|={E1,E2}=> P] the goal is
transformed from [|={E1,E3}=> Q] into [|={E2,E3}=> Q], and the resulting
hypothesis is moved into the spatial context (regardless of where it was
originally). A corresponding [ElimModal] instance for the Iris 1/2-style update
modality, would have a side-condition [φ] on the masks. *)
Class ElimModal {PROP : bi} (φ : Prop) (p p' : bool) (P P' : PROP) (Q Q' : PROP) :=
elim_modal : φ ?p P (?p' P' - Q') Q.
Arguments ElimModal {_} _ _ _ _%I _%I _%I _%I : simpl never.
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