Commit def85437 authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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Add `tc_opaque` instances for invariants.

parent 97038d6c
......@@ -538,3 +538,7 @@ Instance from_modal_tc_opaque {PROP : bi} (P Q : PROP) :
FromModal P Q FromModal (tc_opaque P) Q := id.
Instance elim_modal_tc_opaque {PROP : bi} φ (P P' Q Q' : PROP) :
ElimModal φ P P' Q Q' ElimModal φ (tc_opaque P) P' Q Q' := id.
Instance into_inv_tc_opaque {PROP : bi} (P : PROP) N :
IntoInv P N IntoInv (tc_opaque P) N := id.
Instance elim_inv_tc_opaque {PROP : bi} φ (Pinv Pin Pout Q Q' : PROP) :
ElimInv φ Pinv Pin Pout Q Q' ElimInv φ (tc_opaque Pinv) Pin Pout Q Q' := id.
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