Commit bfad9bff authored by Amin Timany's avatar Amin Timany
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In gset idemp_L rather than union_idem_L

parent 2c64b551
......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ Section gset.
- solve_proper.
- intros X1 X2 X3. by rewrite !gset_op_union assoc_L.
- intros X1 X2. by rewrite !gset_op_union comm_L.
- intros X. by rewrite gset_op_union gset_core_self union_idemp_L.
- intros X. by rewrite gset_core_self idemp_L.
Canonical Structure gsetR := discreteR (gset K) gset_ra_mixin.
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