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......@@ -454,9 +454,20 @@ Arguments FromLaterN {_} _%nat_scope _%I _%I.
Arguments from_laterN {_} _%nat_scope _%I _%I {_}.
Hint Mode FromLaterN + - ! - : typeclass_instances.
(* We use two type classes for [AsValid], in order to avoid loops in
typeclass search. Indeed, the [as_valid_embed] instance would try
to add an arbitrary number of embeddings. To avoid this, the
[AsValid0] type class cannot handle embeddings, and therefore
[as_valid_embed] only tries to add one embedding, and we never try
to insert nested embeddings. This has the additional advantage of
always trying [as_valid_embed] as a second option, so that this
instance is never used when the BI is unknown.
No Hint Modes are declared here. The appropriate one would be
[Hint Mode - ! -], but the fact that Coq ignores primitive
projections for hints modes would make this fail.*)
Class AsValid {PROP : bi} (φ : Prop) (P : PROP) := as_valid : φ P.
Arguments AsValid {_} _%type _%I.
Class AsValid0 {PROP : bi} (φ : Prop) (P : PROP) :=
as_valid_here : AsValid φ P.
Arguments AsValid0 {_} _%type _%I.
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