Commit a1fcf5b3 authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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Add a data type for possibly anonymous proof mode hypotheses.

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......@@ -49,3 +49,37 @@ Qed.
Lemma string_beq_reflect s1 s2 : reflect (s1 = s2) (string_beq s1 s2).
Proof. apply iff_reflect. by rewrite string_beq_true. Qed.
Module Export ident.
Inductive ident :=
| IAnon : positive ident
| INamed :> string ident.
End ident.
Instance maybe_IAnon : Maybe IAnon := λ i,
match i with IAnon n => Some n | _ => None end.
Instance maybe_INamed : Maybe INamed := λ i,
match i with INamed s => Some s | _ => None end.
Instance beq_eq_dec : EqDecision ident.
Proof. solve_decision. Defined.
Definition positive_beq := Eval compute in Pos.eqb.
Lemma positive_beq_true x y : positive_beq x y = true x = y.
Proof. apply Pos.eqb_eq. Qed.
Definition ident_beq (i1 i2 : ident) : bool :=
match i1, i2 with
| IAnon n1, IAnon n2 => positive_beq n1 n2
| INamed s1, INamed s2 => string_beq s1 s2
| _, _ => false
Lemma ident_beq_true i1 i2 : ident_beq i1 i2 = true i1 = i2.
destruct i1, i2; rewrite /= ?string_beq_true ?positive_beq_true; naive_solver.
Lemma ident_beq_reflect i1 i2 : reflect (i1 = i2) (ident_beq i1 i2).
Proof. apply iff_reflect. by rewrite ident_beq_true. Qed.
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