Commit 818a8dfa authored by Joseph Tassarotti's avatar Joseph Tassarotti

Show that step fupd commutes with forall for plain predicates in Iris.

parent 44dc86c8
......@@ -50,6 +50,26 @@ Proof.
iNext. by iMod ("HP" with "[$]") as "(_ & _ & HP)".
Lemma step_fupd_forall_plain `{invG Σ} {A: Type} E (Ψ: A iProp Σ) `{ x : A, Plain (Ψ x)}:
(|={E, }=> a, Ψ a)%I ( a, |={E, }=> Ψ a)%I.
intros. apply (anti_symm ()).
- iIntros "H". iIntros (a). iMod "H".
iModIntro. iNext. iMod "H"; auto.
- rewrite uPred_fupd_eq /uPred_fupd_def.
iIntros "H (Hw&HE)".
iMod (ownE_empty) as "Hemp".
iAssert ( a, Ψ a)%I with "[Hw HE H]" as "#Hplain".
iIntros (a). iMod ("H" $! a with "[$Hw $HE]") as ">(Hw&HE&H)".
iNext. iMod ("H" with "[$Hw $HE]") as ">(?&?&$)".
iAssert (wsat ownE (wsat ownE == (wsat ownE E)))%I
with "[H Hw HE Hemp]" as "($&$&H)".
{ iFrame. by iIntros "!> (?&?)". }
iIntros "!> !> !> Hw". by iMod ("H" with "Hw") as ">($&$)".
Lemma fupd_plain_soundness `{invPreG Σ} E (P: iProp Σ) `{!Plain P}:
( `{Hinv: invG Σ}, (|={, E}=> P)%I) ( P)%I.
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