Commit 4f918d4a authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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Tweak tests/one_shot.

parent 898bc304
......@@ -52,11 +52,11 @@ Proof.
iPvsIntro. iApply "Hf"; iSplit.
- iIntros {n} "!". wp_let.
iInv> N as "[[Hl Hγ]|H]"; last iDestruct "H" as {m} "[Hl Hγ]".
+ iApply wp_pvs. wp_cas_suc. iSplitL; [|by iLeft].
+ wp_cas_suc. iSplitL; [|by iLeft].
iPvs (own_update with "Hγ") as "Hγ".
{ by apply cmra_update_exclusive with (y:=Cinr (DecAgree n)). }
iPvsIntro; iRight; iExists n; by iSplitL "Hl".
+ wp_cas_fail. iSplitL. iRight; iExists m; by iSplitL "Hl". by iRight.
+ wp_cas_fail. rewrite /one_shot_inv; eauto 10.
- iIntros "!". wp_seq. wp_focus (! _)%E. iInv> N as "Hγ".
iAssert ( v, l v ((v = InjLV #0 own γ Pending)
n : Z, v = InjRV #n own γ (Cinr (DecAgree n))))%I with "[-]" as "Hv".
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