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Add the spanning tree algorithm

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......@@ -44,6 +44,8 @@ This repository contains the following case studies:
* Binary logical relations for proving contextual refinements
- Proof of refinement for a pair of fine-grained/coarse-grained concurrent counter implementations
- Proof of refinement for a pair of fine-grained/coarse-grained concurrent stack implementations
* [spanning-tree](theories/spanning_tree): Proof of partial functional
correctness of a concurrent spanning tree algorithm.
## For Developers: How to update the Iris dependency
......@@ -48,3 +48,8 @@ theories/logrel/F_mu_ref_conc/examples/stack/stack_rules.v
From iris.algebra Require Import base gmap.
From stdpp Require Import gmap mapset.
Section Graphs.
Context {T : Type} {HD : EqDecision T} {HC : @Countable T HD}.
Definition graph := gmap T (option T * option T).
Identity Coercion graph_to_gmap : graph >-> gmap.
Definition get_left (g : graph) x : option T := g !! x = fst.
Definition get_right (g : graph) x : option T := g !! x = snd.
Definition strict_sub_child (ch ch' : option T) :=
match ch, ch' with
| Some c, Some c' => c = c'
| Some c, None => True
| None, Some _ => False
| None, None => True
Definition strict_sub_children (ch ch' : option T * option T) : Prop :=
strict_sub_child (ch.1) (ch'.1) strict_sub_child (ch.2) (ch'.2).
Definition strict_subgraph (g g' : graph) : Prop :=
x, strict_sub_children (get_left g x, get_right g x)
(get_left g' x, get_right g' x).
(* A path is a list of booleans true for left child and false for the right *)
(* The empty list is the identity trace (from x to x). *)
Definition path := list bool.
Identity Coercion path_to_list : path >-> list.
Inductive valid_path (g : graph) (x y : T) : path Prop :=
| valid_path_E : x dom (gset _) g x = y valid_path g x y []
| valid_path_l (xl : T) p : get_left g x = Some xl valid_path g xl y p
valid_path g x y (true :: p)
| valid_path_r (xr : T) p : get_right g x = Some xr valid_path g xr y p
valid_path g x y (false :: p).
Definition connected (g : graph) (x : T) :=
z, z dom (gset _) g p, valid_path g x z p.
Definition front (g : graph) (t t' : gset T) := t dom (gset _) g
x v, x t (get_left g x = Some v) (get_right g x = Some v)
v t'.
Definition maximal (g : graph) := front g (dom (gset _) g) (dom (gset _) g).
Definition tree (g : graph) (x : T) :=
z, z dom (gset _) g exists !p, valid_path g x z p.
(* graph facts *)
Lemma front_t_t_dom g z t :
z t connected g z front g t t t = dom (gset _) g.
intros Hz Hc [Hsb Hdt].
apply collection_equiv_spec_L; split; trivial.
apply elem_of_subseteq => x Hx. destruct (Hc x Hx) as [p pv].
clear Hc Hx; revert z Hz pv.
induction p => z Hz pv.
- by inversion pv; subst.
- inversion pv as [|? ? Hpv1 Hpv2 Hpv3|? ? Hpv1 Hpv2 Hpv3]; subst.
+ eapply IHp; [eapply Hdt|apply Hpv2]; eauto.
+ eapply IHp; [eapply Hdt|apply Hpv2]; eauto.
Lemma front_mono g t t' s : front g t t' t' s front g t s.
Proof. intros [Htd Hf] Hts; split; eauto. Qed.
Lemma front_empty g : front g .
Proof. split; auto. intros ? Hcn; inversion Hcn. Qed.
Lemma strict_sub_children_refl v : strict_sub_children v v.
Proof. by destruct v as [[] []]. Qed.
Lemma strict_sub_children_trans v1 v2 v3 : strict_sub_children v1 v2
strict_sub_children v2 v3 strict_sub_children v1 v3.
destruct v1 as [[] []]; destruct v2 as [[] []];
destruct v3 as [[] []]; cbv; by intuition subst.
Lemma strict_sub_children_None v : strict_sub_children v (None, None).
Proof. by destruct v as[[] []]. Qed.
Lemma strict_subgraph_empty g : strict_subgraph g .
intros i.
rewrite /get_left /get_right /strict_sub_child lookup_empty //=.
by destruct (g !! i) as [[[] []]|].
Lemma get_left_dom g x y : get_left g x = Some y x dom (gset _) g.
rewrite /get_left elem_of_dom. case _ : (g !! x); inversion 1; eauto.
Lemma get_right_dom g x y : get_right g x = Some y x dom (gset _) g.
rewrite /get_right elem_of_dom. case _ : (g !! x); inversion 1; eauto.
Lemma path_start g x y p : valid_path g x y p x dom (gset _) g.
Proof. inversion 1; subst; eauto using get_left_dom, get_right_dom. Qed.
Lemma path_end g x y p : valid_path g x y p y dom (gset _) g.
Proof. induction 1; subst; eauto. Qed.
End Graphs.
Arguments graph _ {_ _}.
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From iris.algebra Require Import frac gmap auth.
From iris.base_logic Require Export invariants.
From iris.proofmode Require Import tactics.
From iris.heap_lang Require Import proofmode notation.
From iris.heap_lang Require Export lifting notation.
From iris.heap_lang.lib Require Import par.
From iris.base_logic Require Import cancelable_invariants.
Import uPred.
From iris_examples.spanning_tree Require Import graph mon spanning.
Section wp_span.
Context `{heapG Σ, cinvG Σ, inG Σ (authR markingUR),
inG Σ (authR graphUR), spawnG Σ}.
Lemma wp_span g (markings : gmap loc loc) (x : val) (l : loc) :
l dom (gset loc) g maximal g connected g l
([ map] l v g,
(m : loc), markings !! l = Some m l (#m, children_to_val v)
m #false)
WP span (SOME #l)
{{ _, g',
([ map] l v g',
m : loc, markings !! l = Some m l (#m, children_to_val v)
m #true)
dom (gset loc) g = dom (gset loc) g'
strict_subgraph g g' tree g' l
iIntros (Hgl Hgmx Hgcn) "Hgr".
iMod (graph_ctx_alloc _ g markings with "[Hgr]") as (Ig κ) "(key & #Hgr & Hg)";
iApply wp_fupd.
iApply wp_wand_l; iSplitR;
[|iApply ((rec_wp_span κ g markings 1 1 (SOMEV #l)) with "[Hg key]");
eauto; iFrame "#"; iFrame].
iIntros (v) "[H key]".
unfold graph_ctx.
iMod (cinv_cancel graphN κ (graph_inv g markings) with "[#] [key]")
as ">Hinv"; first done; try by iFrame.
iClear "Hgr". unfold graph_inv.
iDestruct "Hinv" as (G) "(Hi1 & Hi2 & Hi3 & Hi4)".
iDestruct "Hi4" as %Hi4.
iDestruct "H" as "[H|H]".
- iDestruct "H" as "(_ & H)". iDestruct "H" as (l') "(H1 & H2 & Hl')".
iDestruct "H1" as %Hl; inversion Hl; subst.
iDestruct "H2" as (G' gmr gtr) "(Hl1 & Hl2 & Hl3 & Hl4 & Hl5)".
iDestruct "Hl2" as %Hl2. iDestruct "Hl3" as %Hl3. iDestruct "Hl4" as %Hl4.
iDestruct (whole_frac with "[Hi1 Hl1]") as %Heq; [by iFrame|]; subst.
iDestruct (marked_is_marked_in_auth_sepS with "[Hi2 Hl5]") as %Hmrk;
[by iFrame|].
iDestruct (own_graph_valid with "Hl1") as %Hvl.
iExists (Gmon_graph G').
assert (dom (gset positive) g = dom (gset positive) (Gmon_graph G')).
{ erewrite front_t_t_dom; eauto.
- by rewrite Gmon_graph_dom.
- eapply front_mono; rewrite Gmon_graph_dom; eauto. }
iModIntro. repeat iSplitL; try by iPureIntro.
rewrite /heap_owns of_graph_dom_eq //=. by rewrite big_sepM_fmap /=.
- iDestruct "H" as "(_ & [H|H] & Hx)".
+ iDestruct "H" as %Heq. inversion Heq.
+ iDestruct "H" as (l') "(_ & Hl)".
iDestruct (marked_is_marked_in_auth with "[Hi2 Hl]") as %Hmrk;
[by iFrame|].
iDestruct (whole_frac with "[Hx Hi1]") as %Heq; [by iFrame|]; subst.
exfalso; revert Hmrk. rewrite dom_empty. inversion 1.
End wp_span.
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