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Add more lemmas about nth

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......@@ -158,11 +158,36 @@ Fixpoint nth_or_none {T: Type} (l: seq T) (n:nat) {struct n} : option T :=
| _, _ => None
(* Lemmas about nth_or_none. *)
Section NthOrNone.
(* Lemmas about nth. *)
Section Nth.
Context {T: eqType}.
Lemma nth_in_or_default:
forall (l: seq T) x0 i,
(nth x0 l i) \in l \/ (nth x0 l i) = x0.
intros l x0 i.
generalize dependent i.
induction l;
first by right; destruct i.
destruct i; simpl in *;
first by left; rewrite in_cons eq_refl.
by destruct (IHl i) as [IN | DEF];
[by left; rewrite in_cons IN orbT | by rewrite DEF; right].
Lemma nth_neq_default :
forall (l: seq T) x0 i y,
nth x0 l i = y ->
y <> x0 ->
y \in l.
intros l x0 i y NTH NEQ.
by destruct (nth_in_or_default l x0 i) as [IN | DEF];
[by rewrite -NTH | by rewrite -NTH DEF in NEQ].
Lemma nth_or_none_mem :
forall (l: seq T) n x, nth_or_none l n = Some x -> x \in l.
......@@ -238,7 +263,7 @@ Lemma nth_or_none_nth :
by intros n x x0 SOME; destruct n; simpl in *; [by inversion SOME | by apply IHl].
End NthOrNone.
End Nth.
Section PartialMap.
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