Commit 4610d8ab authored by Felipe Cerqueira's avatar Felipe Cerqueira
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Fix Makefile to show proper coqdoc

parent 3869c2a7
......@@ -6,3 +6,7 @@ coq_makefile -f _CoqProject $(find -name "*.v" ! -name "*#*" ! -name "*eqdec*.v"
# and cause clashes for files with the same name. This forces full filenames and
# adds the rt. prefix
sed -i 's|$(notdir $(^:.vo=))|$(addprefix rt., $(subst /,., $(^:.vo=)))|g' Makefile
# Fix 'make html' so that it parses comments and has links to ssreflect.
sed -i 's|-interpolate -utf8|-interpolate -utf8 --parse-comments --external mathcomp|g' Makefile
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