Commit 5191362a authored by Anjo Vahldiek's avatar Anjo Vahldiek
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remove compile warnings

parent 676c5dba
......@@ -84,9 +84,9 @@ fuseserver_setattr(fuse_req_t req, fuse_ino_t ino, struct stat *attr, int to_set
printf("fuseserver_setattr 0x%x\n", to_set);
if (FUSE_SET_ATTR_SIZE & to_set) {
printf(" fuseserver_setattr set size to %zu\n", attr->st_size);
#if 0
struct stat st;
// You fill this in
#if 0
fuse_reply_attr(req, &st, 0);
fuse_reply_err(req, ENOSYS);
......@@ -193,7 +193,7 @@ void dirbuf_add(struct dirbuf *b, const char *name, fuse_ino_t ino)
int reply_buf_limited(fuse_req_t req, const char *buf, size_t bufsize,
off_t off, size_t maxsize)
if (off < bufsize)
if ((size_t)off < bufsize)
return fuse_reply_buf(req, buf + off, min(bufsize - off, maxsize));
return fuse_reply_buf(req, NULL, 0);
......@@ -241,10 +241,9 @@ void
fuseserver_mkdir(fuse_req_t req, fuse_ino_t parent, const char *name,
mode_t mode)
#if 0
struct fuse_entry_param e;
// You fill this in
#if 0
fuse_reply_entry(req, &e);
fuse_reply_err(req, ENOSYS);
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