Commit 3ae5c399 authored by Joseph Tassarotti's avatar Joseph Tassarotti

Convert tactics that use lookup_delete.

parent ca513824
......@@ -494,9 +494,24 @@ In nested Ltac calls to "iSpecialize (open_constr)",
"iSpecializeCore (open_constr) as (constr)",
"iSpecializeCore (open_constr) as (constr)",
"iSpecializeCore (open_constr) with (open_constr) (open_constr) as (constr)",
"iSpecializePat (open_constr) (constr)" and "iSpecializePat_go", last call
Tactic failure: iSpecialize: "H" not found.
"iSpecializePat (open_constr) (constr)", "iSpecializePat_go" and
"notypeclasses refine (uconstr)", last call failed.
Illegal application (Non-functional construction):
The expression
"coq_tactics.tac_specialize false
environments.env_intuitionistic := ;
environments.env_spatial := "HW" : P -∗ Q
"HP" : P
environments.env_counter := 1%positive |} "H" "HW"
?q ?P2 ?R ?Q ?f" of type
""HW" : P -∗ Q
"HP" : P
" cannot be applied to the term
"?y" : "?T"
: string
The command has indeed failed with message:
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This diff is collapsed.
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