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Add some documentation.

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......@@ -5,6 +5,9 @@ Import siProp_primitive.
(** BI instances for [siProp], and re-stating the remaining primitive laws in
terms of the BI interface. This file does *not* unseal. *)
(** We pick [*] and [-*] to coincide with [∧] and [→], respectively. This seems
to be the most reasonable choice to fit a "pure" higher-order logic into the
proofmode's BI framework. *)
Definition siProp_emp : siProp := siProp_pure True.
Definition siProp_sep : siProp siProp siProp := siProp_and.
Definition siProp_wand : siProp siProp siProp := siProp_impl.
From iris.algebra Require Export ofe.
From Require Import notation.
(** The type [siProp] defines "plain" step-indexed propositions, on which we
define the usual connectives of higher-order logic, and prove that these satisfy
the usual laws of higher-order logic. *)
Record siProp := SiProp {
siProp_holds :> nat Prop;
siProp_closed n1 n2 : siProp_holds n1 n2 n1 siProp_holds n2
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