Commit aeff566c authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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Persistence of invariant in wp_invariance is not needed.

parent 46cf3677
......@@ -128,13 +128,12 @@ Proof.
Lemma wptp_invariance n e1 e2 t1 t2 σ1 σ2 I φ Φ :
PersistentP I
nsteps step n (e1 :: t1, σ1) (t2, σ2)
(I ={,}=> σ', ownP σ' φ σ')
I world σ1 WP e1 {{ Φ }} wptp t1
Nat.iter (S (S n)) (λ P, |=r=> P) ( φ σ2).
intros ?? HI. rewrite wptp_steps //.
intros ? HI. rewrite wptp_steps //.
rewrite (Nat_iter_S_r (S n)) rvs_iter_frame_l. apply rvs_iter_mono.
iIntros "[HI H]".
iDestruct "H" as (e2' t2') "(% & (Hw&HE&Hσ) & _)"; subst.
......@@ -163,13 +162,12 @@ Proof.
Theorem wp_invariance Σ `{irisPreG Λ Σ} e σ1 t2 σ2 I φ Φ :
PersistentP I
( `{irisG Λ Σ}, ownP σ1 ={}=> I WP e {{ Φ }})
( `{irisG Λ Σ}, I ={,}=> σ', ownP σ' φ σ')
rtc step ([e], σ1) (t2, σ2)
φ σ2.
intros ? Hwp HI [n ?]%rtc_nsteps.
intros Hwp HI [n ?]%rtc_nsteps.
eapply (adequacy (M:=iResUR Σ) _ (S (S (S n)))); iIntros "".
rewrite Nat_iter_S. iVs (iris_alloc σ1) as (?) "(Hw & HE & ? & Hσ)".
rewrite pvs_eq in Hwp.
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