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CMRA structure on uPred.

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......@@ -1486,3 +1486,66 @@ Hint Resolve sep_elim_l' sep_elim_r' sep_mono : I.
Hint Immediate True_intro False_elim : I.
Hint Immediate iff_refl eq_refl' : I.
End uPred.
(* CMRA structure on uPred *)
Section cmra.
Context {M : ucmraT}.
Instance uPred_valid' : Valid (uPred M) := λ P, n x, {n} x P n x.
Instance uPred_validN' : ValidN (uPred M) := λ n P,
n' x, n' n {n'} x P n' x.
Instance uPred_op : Op (uPred M) := uPred_sep.
Instance uPred_pcore : PCore (uPred M) := λ _, Some True%I.
Instance uPred_validN_ne n : Proper (dist n ==> iff) (uPred_validN' n).
Proof. intros P Q HPQ; split=> H n' x ??; by apply HPQ, H. Qed.
Lemma uPred_validN_alt n (P : uPred M) : {n} P P {n} True%I.
uPred.unseal=> HP; split=> n' x ??; split; [done|].
intros _. by apply HP.
Lemma uPred_cmra_validN_op_l n P Q : {n} (P Q)%I {n} P.
uPred.unseal. intros HPQ n' x ??.
destruct (HPQ n' x) as (x1&x2&->&?&?); auto.
eapply uPred_mono with x1; eauto using cmra_includedN_l.
Definition uPred_cmra_mixin : CMRAMixin (uPred M).
apply cmra_total_mixin; try apply _ || by eauto.
- intros n P Q ??. by cofe_subst.
- intros P; split.
+ intros HP n n' x ?. apply HP.
+ intros HP n x. by apply (HP n).
- intros n P HP n' x ?. apply HP; auto.
- intros P. by rewrite left_id.
- intros P Q _. exists True%I. by rewrite left_id.
- intros n P Q. apply uPred_cmra_validN_op_l.
- intros n P Q1 Q2 HP HPQ. exists True%I, P; split_and!.
+ by rewrite left_id.
+ move: HP; by rewrite HPQ=> /uPred_cmra_validN_op_l /uPred_validN_alt.
+ move: HP; rewrite HPQ=> /uPred_cmra_validN_op_l /uPred_validN_alt=> ->.
by rewrite left_id.
Canonical Structure uPredR :=
CMRAT (uPred M) uPred_cofe_mixin uPred_cmra_mixin.
Instance uPred_empty : Empty (uPred M) := True%I.
Definition uPred_ucmra_mixin : UCMRAMixin (uPred M).
split; last done.
- by rewrite /empty /uPred_empty uPred_pure_eq.
- intros P. by rewrite left_id.
Canonical Structure uPredUR :=
UCMRAT (uPred M) uPred_cofe_mixin uPred_cmra_mixin uPred_ucmra_mixin.
End cmra.
Arguments uPredR : clear implicits.
Arguments uPredUR : clear implicits.
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