Commit 4cf7fb98 authored by Jacques-Henri Jourdan's avatar Jacques-Henri Jourdan
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Lemma [exists_impl_forall] for currying an exists into a forall.

parent 302ffc56
......@@ -684,6 +684,15 @@ Proof.
- by apply impl_intro_l; rewrite left_id.
Lemma exists_impl_forall {A} P (Ψ : A uPred M) :
(( x : A, Ψ x) P) x : A, Ψ x P.
apply equiv_spec; split.
- apply forall_intro=>x. by rewrite -exist_intro.
- apply impl_intro_r, impl_elim_r', exist_elim=>x.
apply impl_intro_r. by rewrite (forall_elim x) impl_elim_r.
Lemma or_and_l P Q R : P Q R (P Q) (P R).
apply (anti_symm ()); first auto.
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