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Merge branch 'changelog_upd' into 'master'

Mentioned big_sepL2/sepM2 in the changelog.

See merge request iris/iris!232
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......@@ -100,6 +100,10 @@ Changes in Coq:
steps that would require unlocking subterms. Every impure wp_ tactic executes
this tactic before doing anything else.
* Add `big_sepM_insert_acc`.
* Add big separating conjunctions that operate on pairs of lists (`big_sepL2`)
and on pairs of maps (`big_sepM2`). In the former case the lists are required
to have the same length, and in the latter case the maps are required to
have the same domains.
* The `_strong` lemmas (e.g. `own_alloc_strong`) work for all infinite
sets, instead of just for cofinite sets. The versions with cofinite
sets have been renamed to use the `_cofinite` suffix.
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