Commit 0268fd31 authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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parent c3c39389
......@@ -83,8 +83,8 @@ Section proofs.
iIntros "!==>[HP $]".
iInv tlN as "[[_ >Hdis2]|>Hitok]" "Hclose".
+ iCombine "Hdis" "Hdis2" as "Hdis".
iDestruct (own_valid with "Hdis") as %[_ Hval].
revert Hval. rewrite gset_disj_valid_op. set_solver.
iDestruct (own_valid with "Hdis") as %[_ Hval%gset_disj_valid_op].
+ iFrame. iApply "Hclose". iNext. iLeft. by iFrame.
- iDestruct (tl_own_disjoint tid {[i]} {[i]} with "[-]") as %?; first by iFrame.
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