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iris-logrel reference manual
writing programs
Typechecking your programs automatically
`iris-logrel` supports (semi)-automatic typechecking of programs in F_mu_ref_conc
1. Make sure that you import modules `F_mu_ref_conc.typing` and `F_mu_ref_conc.reflection`
which contain tactics for solving typeability and closendess.
2. Define your program, usually as a closed value.
Definition prog : val := λ: "x", if: !"x" then (λ: <>, 1) else (λ: <>, 0).
3. Typecheck it, in an arbitrary context, using the `solve_typed` tactic.
Lemma prog_typed Γ : Γ prog : TArrow (Tref TBool) (TArrow TUnit TNat).
4. Add the typeability lemma to the common database.
Hint Resolve prog_typed : typeable.
It is important that in step 3 your lemma is general enough. Once you
add the lemma to the hint database (step 4), it can be used in
typechecking compound expressions containing values already
typechecked before, for example:
Definition prog2 : val := λ: <>,
let: "x" := ref false in
prog "x" ().
Lemma prog2_typed Γ : Γ prog2 : TArrow TUnit TNat.
Proof. solve_typed. Qed.
Hint Resolve prog2_typed : typeable.
tactics/proofmode reference manual
Threadpool tactics
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