Commit c8680ca9 authored by Dan Frumin's avatar Dan Frumin

WP rule for `par`

parent 88e22fa8
From iris.proofmode Require Import tactics.
From iris.algebra Require Import excl.
From iris_logrel Require Export logrel.
Definition par : val := λ: "e1" "e2",
let: "x1" := ref InjL #() in
Fork ("x1" <- InjR ("e1" #()));;
let: "x2" := "e2" #() in
let: "f" := rec: "f" <> :=
let: "f" := rec: "f" <> :=
match: !"x1" with
InjL <> => "f" #()
| InjR "v" => "v"
......@@ -35,4 +36,63 @@ Section compatibility.
iApply binary_fundamental_masked; eauto with typeable.
Context `{!inG Σ (exclR unitR)}.
Definition parinv (x1 : loc) (Ψ : val -> iProp Σ) (γ : gname) :=
(x1 ↦ᵢ InjLV #() v, x1 ↦ᵢ InjRV v (Ψ v (own γ (Excl ()))))%I.
Definition parN := logrelN.@"parN".
Lemma wp_par (Ψ1 Ψ2 : val iProp Σ) e1 e2 (f1 f2 : val) (Φ : val iProp Σ)
`{Hef1 : !IntoVal e1 f1} `{Hef2 : !IntoVal e2 f2}:
WP f1 #() {{ Ψ1 }} - WP f2 #() {{ Ψ2 }} -
( v1 v2, Ψ1 v1 Ψ2 v2 - Φ (v1,v2)%V) -
WP par e1 e2 {{ Φ }}.
apply of_to_val in Hef1 as <-.
apply of_to_val in Hef2 as <-.
iIntros "Hf1 Hf2 HΦ".
unlock par; simpl. repeat wp_let.
wp_alloc x1 as "Hx1". wp_let.
iMod (own_alloc (Excl ())) as (γ) "Ht"; first done.
iMod (inv_alloc parN _ (parinv x1 Ψ1 γ) with "[Hx1]") as "#Hinv".
{ iNext. by iLeft. }
wp_bind (Fork _).
iApply wp_fork.
iSplitR "Hf1"; last first.
{ iNext.
wp_bind (f1 #()). iApply (wp_wand with "Hf1").
iIntros (v) "HΨ1".
iInv (logrelN.@"parN") as "Hx1" "Hcl".
iAssert (|={ logrelN.@"parN"}=> z, x1 ↦ᵢ z)%I with "[Hx1]" as "Hx1".
{ iDestruct "Hx1" as "[>Hx1 | Hx1]".
+ iModIntro. iExists _. iFrame.
+ iDestruct "Hx1" as (?) "[>Hx1 ?]".
iModIntro. iExists _. iFrame. }
iMod "Hx1" as (?) "Hx1".
iApply "Hcl".
iNext. iRight. iExists _; iFrame.
iLeft. iFrame. }
{ iNext.
iModIntro. wp_let.
wp_bind (f2 #()). iApply (wp_wand with "Hf2").
iIntros (v2) "HΨ2". wp_let. wp_let.
wp_bind (App _ #()).
iLöb as "IH". wp_rec.
wp_bind (! #x1)%E.
iInv (logrelN.@"parN") as "[>Hx1 | Hx1]" "Hcl".
- wp_load.
iMod ("Hcl" with "[Hx1]") as "_". { by iLeft. }
iModIntro. wp_case. wp_let.
iApply ("IH" with "HΦ Ht HΨ2").
- iDestruct "Hx1" as (v1) "[>Hx1 HΨ1]".
iDestruct "HΨ1" as "[HΨ1 | Ht']"; last first.
{ iDestruct (own_valid_2 with "Ht Ht'") as %[]. }
iMod ("Hcl" with "[Hx1 Ht]") as "_".
{ iNext. iRight. iExists _; iFrame.
iRight. iFrame. }
iModIntro. simpl. (* TODO: simpl is required here *) wp_case.
iSpecialize ("HΦ" with "[$HΨ1 $HΨ2]").
wp_let. by wp_value. }
End compatibility.
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