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Add the basic monoid need for the stack example

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From iris.proofmode Require Import invariants ghost_ownership tactics.
From F_mu_ref_par Require Import lang examples.lock typing
logrel_binary fundamental_binary rules_binary rules.
From iris.algebra Require Import gmap dec_agree auth.
From iris.program_logic Require Import ownership auth.
Import uPred.
Definition stackR : cmraT := gmapR loc (dec_agreeR val).
Class stackG Σ :=
StackG {
stack_inG :> authG lang Σ stackR;
stack_name : gname
Section Rules.
Context {Σ : gFunctors} {istk : stackG Σ}.
Lemma stackR_self_op (h : stackR) : h h h.
intros i. rewrite lookup_op.
match goal with
|- ?A ?B ?B => change B with A; destruct A as [c|]
end; trivial.
destruct c as [c|];
unfold op, cmra_op; simpl;
unfold op, cmra_op; simpl; trivial;
destruct decide; trivial; tauto.
Lemma stackR_get_auth (h : stackR) : ( h) ~~> ( h h).
intros n z H1. destruct z as [[ze | |] zo];
unfold validN, cmra_validN in *; simpl in *; trivial.
destruct H1 as [H1 H2]; split; trivial.
destruct H1 as [u H1].
eexists u. rewrite H1.
rewrite ?cmra_unit_left_id.
rewrite -assoc.
by rewrite -stackR_self_op.
Lemma dec_agree_valid_op_eq (x y : dec_agreeR val) :
(Some x Some y) x = y.
intros H1.
destruct x as [x|]; destruct y as [y|]; trivial;
cbv -[decide] in H1; try destruct decide; subst; simpl; intuition trivial.
Lemma stackR_auth_is_subheap (h h' : stackR) :
( h h') i x, h' !! i Some x h !! i Some x.
intros H1 i x H2.
destruct H1 as [H11 H12]; simpl in H11.
specialize (H11 1).
destruct H11 as [z H11].
revert H11; rewrite cmra_unit_left_id => H11.
eapply cmra_extend in H11; [| by apply cmra_valid_validN].
destruct H11 as [[z1 z2] [H31 [H32 H33]]]; simpl in *.
specialize (H32 i).
assert (H4 : (z1 z2))by (by rewrite -H31).
rewrite H31. rewrite lookup_op.
specialize (H4 i). rewrite ?lookup_op in H4.
revert H32; rewrite H2 => H32.
match type of H32 with
?C {_} _ =>
match goal with
|- ?A ?B _ =>
change C with A in *; destruct A as [a|]; inversion H32; subst
match type of H32 with
?C {_} _ =>
match goal with
|- ?A ?B _ => destruct B
- set (H5 := dec_agree_valid_op_eq _ _ H4); clearbody H5. subst.
inversion H1; subst.
destruct x as [x|]; cbv -[decide]; try destruct decide;
constructor; intuition trivial.
- inversion H1; subst. constructor; trivial.
Lemma stackR_alloc (h : stackR) (i : loc) (v : val) :
h !! i = None ( h) ~~> ( ({[i := DecAgree v]} h)).
intros H1 n z H2.
destruct z as [[ze | |] zo];
unfold validN, cmra_validN in *; simpl in *; trivial.
destruct H2 as [H21 H22]; split.
- destruct H21 as [u H21].
eexists ({[i := DecAgree v]} u). rewrite H21.
rewrite ?cmra_unit_left_id.
rewrite ?assoc.
by rewrite (comm _ zo).
- intros j. rewrite lookup_op.
destruct (decide (i = j)) as [|Hneq]; subst.
+ rewrite H1. rewrite lookup_singleton; constructor.
+ rewrite lookup_singleton_ne; trivial.
specialize (H22 j).
revert H22.
match goal with
|- {_} ?B {_} (_ ?A) =>
change B with A; destruct A; by try constructor
End Rules.
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