Commit 76f231c4 authored by Amin Timany's avatar Amin Timany

Prove lemmas need for stack monoid

parent a8fa1982
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......@@ -222,6 +222,18 @@ Section lang_rules.
rewrite option_validI frac_validI discrete_valid. by apply const_elim_r.
Lemma heap_mapsto_dup_invalid l v1 v2 :
(l ↦ᵢ v1 l ↦ᵢ v2)%I False%I.
iIntros "Hl".
rewrite heap_mapsto_op. iDestruct "Hl" as "[% Hl]".
iDestruct (own_valid _ with "[Hl]")
as "Hvalid"; [unfold heapI_mapsto, auth_own; trivial|].
iDestruct "Hvalid" as %valid.
specialize (valid l); simpl in valid. rewrite lookup_singleton in valid.
inversion valid as [Hv1 Hv2]. cbv in Hv1; tauto.
Lemma heap_mapsto_op_split l q v :
(l ↦ᵢ{q} v)%I (l ↦ᵢ{q/2} v l ↦ᵢ{q/2} v)%I.
Proof. by rewrite heap_mapsto_op_eq Qp_div_2. Qed.
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