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Prove type soundness (unary) for Fμ,ref,par

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Require Import iris.proofmode.weakestpre iris.proofmode.tactics.
Require Import iris.program_logic.hoare.
Require Import iris.program_logic.lifting.
Require Import iris.algebra.auth.
Require Import F_mu_ref_par.lang F_mu_ref_par.typing F_mu_ref_par.rules
F_mu_ref_par.logrel_unary F_mu_ref_par.fundamental_unary.
Require Import iris.program_logic.adequacy.
Import uPred.
Section Soundness.
Context {Σ : gFunctors}
{i : heapIG Σ}
{S : namespace}.
Lemma empty_env_subst e : e.[env_subst []] = e.
replace (env_subst []) with (@ids expr _) by reflexivity.
asimpl; trivial.
Definition free_type_context: varC -n> valC -n> iPropG lang Σ :=
cofe_mor_car :=
λ x,
cofe_mor_car :=
λ y, (True)%I
Global Instance free_context_interp_Persistent :
context_interp_Persistent free_type_context.
Proof. intros x v; apply const_persistent. Qed.
Lemma wp_soundness e τ
: typed [] e τ
heapI_ctx (S .@ 2) WP e {{@interp Σ _ (S .@ 1) τ free_type_context}}.
iIntros {H} "Hheap".
rewrite -(empty_env_subst e).
iPoseProof (@typed_interp _ _ (S .@ 1) (S .@ 2) _ _ []) as "Hi"; eauto;
try typeclasses eauto.
- intros l. apply ndot_preserve_disjoint_r, ndot_ne_disjoint; auto.
- iApply "Hi"; iSplit; eauto.
Theorem Soundness e τ :
typed [] e τ
e' thp h, rtc step ([e], (of_heap )) (e' :: thp, h)
¬ reducible e' h is_Some (to_val e').
intros H1 e' thp h Hstp Hnr.
eapply wp_soundness in H1; eauto.
edestruct(@wp_adequacy_reducible lang _
(@interp _ _ (S .@ 1) τ free_type_context)
e e' (e' :: thp) (of_heap )
(to_globalF heapI_name ( )) h)
as [Ha|Ha]; eauto; try tauto.
- apply cmra_valid_validN => n.
apply iprod_singleton_validN, singleton_validN, cmra_transport_validN.
constructor; simpl; try rewrite cmra_unit_right_id; trivial.
apply cmra_unit_validN.
- iIntros "[Hp Hg]".
iAssert (ghost_ownership.own heapI_name ( )) as "Hg" with "[Hg]";
[by unfold ghost_ownership.own|].
iPvs (inv_alloc (S .@ 2) _ (auth.auth_inv heapI_name heapI_inv)
with "[Hg Hp]") as "#Hown"; auto.
+ iNext. iExists _; iFrame "Hp Hg"; trivial.
+ iApply H1; by unfold heapI_ctx, auth.auth_ctx.
- constructor.
End Soundness.
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