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In this file I will keep all the comments regarding different aspects
of formalisation.
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* Rules that didn't make it
** A binding rule for the semantic judgment that /nearly/ works.
A rule that we would like to have
WP e {{ v, {E,E;Γ} ⊧ K[v] ≤ e₂ : τ }}
{E,E;Γ} ⊧ K[e₁] ≤ e₂ : τ
However, this rule is too weak. Consider a derivation where =e₁= is
atomic and we want to open an invariant to symbolically execute it.
|={E1,E2}=> WP e {{ v, |={E2,E1}=> {E1,E1;Γ} ⊧ K[v] ≤ e₂ : τ }}
---------------------------------------------------------------- wp-atomic
WP e {{ v, {E1,E1;Γ} ⊧ K[v] ≤ e₂ : τ }}_E1
{E1,E1;Γ} ⊧ K[e₁] ≤ e₂ : τ
After employing such reasoning we can open up an invariant, and
symbolically execute =e₁=. But then we are left with
|={E2,E1}=> {E1,E1;Γ} ⊧ K[v] ≤ e₂ : τ
which means that we have to close the invariant *now*. However, it
might be the case that we need to symbolically execute =e₂= in order
to restore the invariant before closing it.
* Assorted
** Why do we have a single =bin_log_related_cas_l=?
=bin_log_related_cas_l= is a rule in [[file:F_mu_ref_conc/relational_properties.v]]
We already have =bin_log_related_cas_suc_l= and
=bin_log_related_cas_fail_l=. However, those rules are not sufficient
for our purposes, as we might not know whether the CAS succeeds
/before/ we open the invariant.
Example: proof of =bin_log_FG_increment_logatomic= in counter.v
** subst_p_rec with binders
Lemma subst_p_rec (x f : binder) e1 e2 e `{Closed ∅ e2} :
subst_p (<[x:=e2]>{[f:=(Rec f x e1)]}) e =
subst' f (Rec f x e1) (subst' x e2 e).
We need a version of this lemma with x and f binders
in order to prove the compatibility lemma for lambdas
□ (<[x:=τ1]>(<[f:=TArrow τ1 τ2]>Γ) ⊨ e ≤log≤ e' : τ2) -∗
Γ ⊨ Rec f x e ≤log≤ Rec f x e' : TArrow τ1 τ2.
To show tht (rec f x e, rec f x e') are related, we use the definition
of the arrow type, so we have some values (v, v') related at τ1. Then
we would like to use the hypothesis by inserting (v, v') in the
environment substitution. But then we have =subst_p (<[x:=(v,v')]>
...) e=. You would like to convert that to =subst' x ..= so that one
can actually use the hypothesis.
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