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Show the compatibility lemma for the derived parallel composition

parent 3c36b147
From iris.proofmode Require Import tactics.
From iris.algebra Require Import auth.
From iris.base_logic Require Import lib.auth.
From iris_logrel.F_mu_ref_conc Require Export examples.lock.
From iris_logrel.F_mu_ref_conc Require Import tactics rel_tactics soundness_binary relational_properties.
From iris.program_logic Require Import adequacy.
From iris_logrel.F_mu_ref_conc Require Import hax.
Definition par : val := λ: "e1" "e2",
let: "x1" := ref InjL #() in
Fork ("x1" <- InjR ("e1" #()));;
let: "x2" := "e2" #() in
let: "f" := rec: "f" <> := case: !"x1" of
InjL => λ: <>, "f" #()
| InjR => λ: "v", "v"
in ("f" #(), "x2").
Lemma par_type Γ τ1 τ2 :
typed Γ par
(TArrow (TArrow TUnit τ1) (TArrow (TArrow TUnit τ2)
(TProd τ1 τ2))).
unfold par. unlock.
eauto 40 with typeable.
Hint Resolve par_type : typeable.
Section compatibility.
Context `{heapIG Σ, cfgSG Σ}.
Lemma bin_log_related_par Γ E e1 e2 e1' e2' τ1 τ2 :
specN E
logN E
{E,E;Γ} e1 log e1' : TArrow TUnit τ1 -
{E,E;Γ} e2 log e2' : TArrow TUnit τ2 -
{E,E;Γ} par e1 e2 log par e1' e2' : TProd τ1 τ2.
iIntros (??) "He1 He2".
iApply (bin_log_related_app with "[He1] He2").
iApply (bin_log_related_app with "[] He1").
iApply binary_fundamental_masked; eauto with typeable.
End compatibility.
......@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@ F_mu_ref_conc/notation.v
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