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prove "THE CLIENT"

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......@@ -2,21 +2,69 @@ From barrier Require Import proof.
From program_logic Require Import auth sts saved_prop hoare ownership.
Import uPred.
Definition client := (let: "b" := newbarrier '() in wait "b")%L.
Definition worker (n : Z) := (λ: "b" "y", wait "b" ;; (!"y") 'n)%L.
Definition client := (let: "y" := ref '0 in let: "b" := newbarrier '() in
Fork (Skip ;; Fork (worker 12 "b" "y") ;; worker 17 "b" "y") ;;
"y" <- (λ: "z", "z" + '42) ;; signal "b")%L.
Section client.
Context {Σ : iFunctorG} `{!heapG Σ, !barrierG Σ} (heapN N : namespace).
Local Notation iProp := (iPropG heap_lang Σ).
Definition y_inv q y : iProp := ( f : val, y {q} f n : Z,
(* TODO: '() conflicts with '(n + 42)... *)
|| f 'n {{ λ v, v = LitV (n + 42)%Z }})%I.
Lemma y_inv_split q y :
y_inv q y (y_inv (q/2) y y_inv (q/2) y).
rewrite /y_inv. apply exist_elim=>f.
rewrite -!(exist_intro f). rewrite heap_mapsto_op_split.
ecancel [y {_} _; y {_} _]%I. by rewrite [X in X _]always_sep_dup.
Lemma worker_safe q (n : Z) (b y : loc) :
(heap_ctx heapN recv heapN N b (y_inv q y))
|| worker n (Loc b) (Loc y) {{ λ _, True }}.
rewrite /worker. wp_lam. wp_let. ewp apply wait_spec.
rewrite comm. apply sep_mono_r. apply wand_intro_l.
rewrite sep_exist_r. apply exist_elim=>f. wp_seq.
(* TODO these aprenthesis are rather surprising. *)
(ewp apply: (wp_load heapN _ _ q f)); eauto with I.
strip_later. (* hu, shouldn't it do that? *)
rewrite -assoc. apply sep_mono_r. apply wand_intro_l.
rewrite always_elim (forall_elim n) sep_elim_r sep_elim_l.
apply wp_mono=>?. eauto with I.
Lemma client_safe :
heapN N heap_ctx heapN || client {{ λ _, True }}.
intros ?. rewrite /client.
ewp eapply (newbarrier_spec heapN N True%I); last done.
apply sep_intro_True_r; first done.
apply forall_intro=>l. apply wand_intro_l. rewrite right_id.
wp_let. etrans; last eapply wait_spec.
apply sep_mono_r, wand_intro_r. eauto.
(ewp eapply wp_alloc); eauto with I. strip_later. apply forall_intro=>y.
apply wand_intro_l. wp_let.
ewp eapply (newbarrier_spec heapN N (y_inv 1 y)); last done.
rewrite comm. rewrite {1}[heap_ctx _]always_sep_dup -!assoc.
apply sep_mono_r. apply forall_intro=>b. apply wand_intro_l.
wp_let. ewp eapply wp_fork.
rewrite [heap_ctx _]always_sep_dup !assoc [(_ heap_ctx _)%I]comm.
rewrite [(|| _ {{ _ }} _)%I]comm -!assoc assoc. apply sep_mono;last first.
{ (* The original thread, the sender. *)
wp_seq. (ewp eapply wp_store); eauto with I. strip_later.
rewrite assoc [(_ y _)%I]comm. apply sep_mono_r, wand_intro_l.
wp_seq. rewrite -signal_spec right_id assoc sep_elim_l comm.
apply sep_mono_r. rewrite /y_inv -(exist_intro (λ: "z", "z" + '42)%L).
apply sep_intro_True_r; first done. apply: always_intro.
apply forall_intro=>n. wp_let. wp_op. by apply const_intro. }
(* The two spawned threads, the waiters. *)
ewp eapply recv_split. rewrite comm. apply sep_mono.
{ apply recv_mono. rewrite y_inv_split. done. }
apply wand_intro_r. wp_seq. ewp eapply wp_fork.
rewrite [heap_ctx _]always_sep_dup !assoc [(_ recv _ _ _ _)%I]comm.
rewrite -!assoc assoc. apply sep_mono.
- wp_seq. by rewrite -worker_safe comm.
- by rewrite -worker_safe.
End client.
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