Commit e5c51505 authored by Jacques-Henri Jourdan's avatar Jacques-Henri Jourdan
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Make iFrame able to strip a later from a framed hypothesis when framing under a later.

parent fdb79e2c
......@@ -1472,6 +1472,7 @@ Qed.
Theorem soundness : ¬ (True False).
Proof. exact (adequacy False 0). Qed.
End uPred_logic.
(* Hint DB for the logic *)
......@@ -269,10 +269,10 @@ Proof. by rewrite /MakeLater later_True. Qed.
Global Instance make_later_default P : MakeLater P ( P) | 100.
Proof. done. Qed.
Global Instance frame_later R P Q Q' :
Frame R P Q MakeLater Q Q' Frame R ( P) Q'.
Global Instance frame_later R R' P Q Q' :
Frame R P Q MakeLater Q Q' IntoLater R' R Frame R' ( P) Q'.
rewrite /Frame /MakeLater=><- <-. by rewrite later_sep -(later_intro R).
rewrite /Frame /MakeLater /IntoLater=><- <- ->. by rewrite later_sep.
Class MakeExceptLast (P Q : uPred M) := make_except_last : P ⊣⊢ Q.
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