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start working on the singal proof

this uncovered that our story with respect to disjointness of namespaces is still lacking
parent e9c6a8ea
From algebra Require Export upred_big_op.
From program_logic Require Export sts saved_prop.
From heap_lang Require Export derived heap wp_tactics notation.
Import uPred.
Definition newchan := (λ: "", ref '0)%L.
Definition signal := (λ: "x", "x" <- '1)%L.
......@@ -96,10 +97,14 @@ Section proof.
Context {Σ : iFunctorG} (N : namespace).
(* TODO: Bundle HeapI and HeapG and have notation so that we can just write
"l ↦ '0". *)
Context (HeapI : gid) `{!HeapInG Σ HeapI} (HeapG : gname).
Context (HeapI : gid) `{!HeapInG Σ HeapI} (HeapG : gname) (HeapN : namespace).
Context (StsI : gid) `{!STSInG heap_lang Σ StsI sts}.
Context (SpI : gid) `{!SavedPropInG heap_lang Σ SpI}.
(* TODO: What is the best way to assert that HeapN and N are "disjoint", as
in, neither is a prefix of the other? This should be usable by automatic
proofs, e.g., that HeapN coPset_all N. *)
Notation iProp := (iPropG heap_lang Σ).
Definition waiting (P : iProp) (I : gset gname) : iProp :=
......@@ -116,7 +121,7 @@ Section proof.
Definition barrier_ctx (γ : gname) (l : loc) (P : iProp) : iProp :=
(heap_ctx HeapI HeapG N sts_ctx StsI sts γ N (barrier_inv l P))%I.
(heap_ctx HeapI HeapG HeapN sts_ctx StsI sts γ N (barrier_inv l P))%I.
Definition send (l : loc) (P : iProp) : iProp :=
( γ, barrier_ctx γ l P sts_ownS StsI sts γ low_states {[ Send ]})%I.
......@@ -133,6 +138,16 @@ Section proof.
Lemma signal_spec l P (Q : val iProp) :
(send l P P Q '()) wp coPset_all (signal (LocV l)) Q.
rewrite /signal /send /barrier_ctx. rewrite sep_exist_r.
apply exist_elim=>γ. wp_rec. (* FIXME wp_let *)
(* I think some evars here are better than repeating *everything* *)
eapply (sts_fsaS sts _ (wp_fsa _)) with (N0:=N) (γ0:=γ);simpl; eauto with I.
{ solve_elem_of+. (* FIXME eauto should do this *) }
rewrite [(_ sts_ownS _ _ _ _ _)%I]comm -!assoc /wp_fsa. apply sep_mono_r.
apply forall_intro=>-[p I]. apply wand_intro_l. rewrite -!assoc.
apply const_elim_sep_l=>Hs. destruct p; last done.
rewrite {1}/barrier_inv =>/={Hs}. rewrite later_sep.
eapply wp_store.
Lemma wait_spec l P (Q : val iProp) :
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