Remove 'NoDup' lemma.

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......@@ -1112,14 +1112,6 @@ Section map_filter.
Lemma map_filter_empty : filter P ( : M A) = .
Proof. apply map_fold_empty. Qed.
Lemma NoDup_fst_filter_map_to_list m : NoDup (filter P (map_to_list m)).*1.
apply NoDup_fmap_fst; [| apply NoDup_filter, NoDup_map_to_list ].
intros a b1 b2; do 2 rewrite elem_of_list_filter.
destruct 1 as [HP1 in_map_1]; destruct 1 as [HP2 in_map_2].
by apply (map_to_list_unique m a).
Lemma map_filter_alt m : filter P m = list_to_map (filter P (map_to_list m)).
apply list_to_map_flip. induction m as [|k x m ? IH] using map_ind.
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