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This is the TracingPlane branch. It adds dependencies from the following two repositories:
To compile, invoke
......@@ -41,4 +46,4 @@ We have provided a couple of useful command line utilities, which are generated
- list-queries lists the available queries. It takes zero or one arguments; with zero arguments, it lists the available benchmarks; with 1 argument, it either lists a benchmark, or prints a query. Queries are broken down into benchmarks. Since multiple people have implemented variants of the original TPC-DS queries, we have included multiple of these variants here. The impala-tpcds-modified-queries are a set of 20 selected queries that several work has used for benchmarking previously with Spark.
- dsdgen is a wrapper around the dsdgen utility that TPC provides. This package comes with precompiled dsdgen binaries for Linux and Mac, which we use for data generation.
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