Commit 119c64a8 authored by Jason Smith's avatar Jason Smith Committed by GitHub
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Merge pull request #12 from microservices-demo/glidelock

added glide.lock file
parents bdbbcb47 beed8ab8
hash: 207174d144994ec9ad587fb6da88600ef359b20dafd1c6d09a0fff8a390580be
updated: 2016-08-19T15:03:39.098547184+02:00
- name:
version: edff0d756347998686da440aaa8f517970cebac6
- endpoint
- log
- transport/http
- name:
version: d4327190ff838312623b09bfeb50d7c93c8d9c1d
- name:
version: 100eb0c0a9c5b306ca2fb4f165df21d80ada4b82
- name:
version: 08b5f424b9271eedf6f9f0ce86cb9396ed337a42
- name:
version: cf79e51a62d8219d52060dfc1b4e810414ba2d15
- name:
version: b84e30acd515aadc4b783ad4ff83aff3299bdfe0
- name:
version: 07b51741c1d6423d4a6abab1c49940ec09cb1aaf
- context
- context/ctxhttp
- name:
version: 3f83fa5005286a7fe593b055f0d7771a7dce4655
- bson
- dbtest
- internal/sasl
- internal/scram
- internal/json
- name:
version: 14b3d72120e8d10ea6e6b7f87f7175734b1faab8
testImports: []
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