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# shipping
A microservices-demo service that provides shipping capabilities.
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# queue-master
A microservices-demo service that provides reading from the shipping
queue. It will spawn new docker containers that simulate the shipping
This build is built, tested and released by travis.
# Test
`./test/ < python testing file >`. For example: `./test/`
`./test/ < python testing file >`. For example: `./test/`
# Build
`GROUP=weaveworksdemos COMMIT=test ./scripts/`
# Push
`GROUP=weaveworksdemos COMMIT=test ./scripts/`
## Redesign
This service will shortly be redesigned.
- Remove docker container shipping like functionality. Was only to make
a better demonstration on Scope.
- Read object from queue and provide feedback on status
- See microservices-demo/orders and microservices-demo/shipping
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