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# Contribution guidelines
We'd love to accept your contributions; large or small. Simply submit an issue or pull request via Github and involve one of the active members. Simple! But please read the rest of this document to ensure we're all on the same page.
## General Rules
- Be kind and polite. Written language often does not convey the sentiment, so make sure you use lots of jokes and emoticons to get the sentiment across.
- Prefer best practice. Everyone has their preferred style, but try to conform to current best practices. We don't enforce any strict rules.
- Test your code to the best of your abilities. See the testing documentation for the correct scope of your test.
## Bug reports or feature requests
Please open an issue if you have found an issue or have an idea for a new feature. Please follow the bug reporting guidelines if you submit an issue.
## New Contributors
We have a list of issues on Github with "HelpWanted" labels attributed to them. These represent tasks that we don't have time to do, are self-contained and relatively easy to implement. If you'd like to contribute, but don't know where to start, [look here](
## Direction
This project does have a general direction, but we're happy to consider deviating or pivoting from the direction we're currently heading. See the introductory material for details regarding direction.
With that said, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from submitting a PR. If you've taken the effort to contribute, someone will make the effort to review.
## License
This project is Apache v2.0 licenced. Submitting and merging a PR implies you accept these terms.
- Add labels appropriate to the issue
- Describe the expected behaviour and the actual behaviour
- Describe steps to reproduce the problem
- Read the contribution guidelines
- Include a reference to a related issue in this repository
- A description of the changes proposed in the pull request
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