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Add build instructions for xtrace modified containers

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### Before you start
- Install Docker and Docker Compose.
- Make sure the following ports are available: port `8080` for Nginx frontend and
`16686` for Jaeger.
`16686` for Jaeger,`4080` and `5563` for X-Trace.
### Build modified containers
By default, the DeathStarBench pulls its containers from docker hub. We need to override these with our modified X-Trace containers. To do this, we will manually build the docker images for the modified components.
1. Build the base docker image that contains all the dependent libraries. We modified this to add X-Trace and protocol buffers.
cd docker/thrift-microservice-deps/cpp
docker build --no-cache -t yg397/thrift-microservice-deps .
cd ../../..
2. Build the nginx server image. We modified this to add X-Trace and protocol buffers
cd docker/openresty-thrift
docker build --no-cache -t yg397/openresty-thrift -f xenial/Dockerfile .
cd ../../../
3. Build the social network docker image
docker build -t yg397/media-microservices .
### Start docker containers
Start docker containers by running `docker-compose up -d`. All images will be
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