1. 12 Jun, 2020 2 commits
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    • Sylvain Lebresne's avatar
      Fix LegacyLayout handling of non-selected collection tombstones · c8a28346
      Sylvain Lebresne authored
      If a collection tombstone is not included by a query, it can be ignored,
      but it currently made `LegacyLayout.CellGrouper#addCollectionTombstone`
      return `false`, which made it stop the current row, which is incorrect
      (this can potentially lead to a duplicate row). This patch changes it
      to return `true`.
      Patch by Sylvain Lebresne; reviewed by Marcus Eriksson & Aleksey
      Yeschenko for CASSANDRA-15805
    • Sylvain Lebresne's avatar
      Fix legacy handling of RangeTombstone with collection ones · 8358e198
      Sylvain Lebresne authored
      When a multi-row range tombstone interacts with a a collection tombstone
      within one of a covered row, the resulting range tombstone in the legacy
      format will start in the middle of the row and extend past said row and
      it needs special handling.
      Before this commit, the code deserializing that RT was making it
      artificially start at the end of the row (in which the collection
      tombstone is), but that means that when `LegacyLayout.CellGrouper`
      encountered it, it decided the row was finished, even if it was not,
      leading to potential row duplication.
      The patch solves this by:
      1. making that problematic tombstone start at the beginning of the row
      instead of its end (to avoid code deciding the row is over).
      2. modify `UnfilteredDeserializer` to 'split' that range tombstone into
      a row tombstone for the row it covers, which is handled as a normal row
      tombstone, and push the rest of the range tombstone (that starts after
      the row and extends to the original end of the RT) to be handled after
      that row is fully "grouped".
      The patch also removes the possibility of getting an empty row from
      `LegacyLayout#getNextRow` to avoid theoretical problems with that.
      Patch by Sylvain Lebresne; reviewed by Marcus Eriksson & Aleksey
      Yeschenko for CASSANDRA-15805
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