Commit c230ec9e authored by Jon Meredith's avatar Jon Meredith Committed by Aleksey Yeshchenko

Include DROPPED_COLUMNS in schema digest computation.

CASSANDRA-11050 introduced dropped columns but excluded it from schema digest computations, with
a comment to include the table in the next major release - 4.0.

The patch now includes DROPPED_COLUMNS in the schema digest computation.

Patch by Jon Meredith; reviewed by Aleksey Yeschenko for CASSANDRA-15843
parent ec1808a3
* Include DROPPED_COLUMNS in schema digest computation (CASSANDRA-15843)
* Fix Cassandra restart from rpm install (CASSANDRA-15830)
* Improve handling of 2i initialization failures (CASSANDRA-13606)
* Add completion_ratio column to sstable_tasks virtual table (CASANDRA-15759)
......@@ -355,11 +355,6 @@ public final class SchemaKeyspace
Digest digest = Digest.forSchema();
for (String table : ALL)
// Due to CASSANDRA-11050 we want to exclude DROPPED_COLUMNS for schema digest computation. We can and
// should remove that in the next major release (so C* 4.0).
if (table.equals(DROPPED_COLUMNS))
ReadCommand cmd = getReadCommandForTableSchema(table);
try (ReadExecutionController executionController = cmd.executionController();
PartitionIterator schema = cmd.executeInternal(executionController))
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