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add notion of hyperperiod for periodic tasks

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Require Export prosa.model.task.arrival.periodic.
Require Export prosa.util.lcmseq.
From mathcomp Require Import div.
(** In this file we define the notion of a hyperperiod for periodic tasks. *)
Section Hyperperiod.
(** Consider periodic tasks. *)
Context {Task : TaskType} `{PeriodicModel Task}.
(** Consider any task set [ts]... *)
Variable ts : TaskSet Task.
(** ... and any task [tsk] that belongs to this task set. *)
Variable tsk : Task.
Hypothesis H_tsk_in_ts : tsk \in ts.
(** The hyperperiod of a task set is defined as the least common multiple
(LCM) of the periods of all tasks in the task set. **)
Definition hyperperiod : duration := lcml (map task_period ts).
(** Consequently, a task set's hyperperiod is an integral multiple
of each task's period in the task set. **)
Lemma hyperperiod_int_mult_of_any_task :
exists k, hyperperiod = k * task_period tsk.
apply lcm_seq_is_mult_of_all_ints.
apply map_f.
by apply H_tsk_in_ts.
End Hyperperiod.
......@@ -48,3 +48,4 @@ runtime
From mathcomp Require Export ssreflect seq div ssrbool ssrnat eqtype ssrfun.
(** A function to calculate the least common multiple
of all integers in a sequence [xs], denoted by [lcml xs] **)
Definition lcml (xs : seq nat) : nat := foldr lcmn 1 xs.
(** Any integer [a] that is contained in the sequence [xs] divides [lcml xs]. **)
Lemma int_divides_lcm_in_seq :
forall (a : nat) (xs : seq nat), a %| lcml (a :: xs).
rewrite /lcml.
induction xs.
- rewrite /foldr.
now apply dvdn_lcml.
- rewrite -cat1s.
rewrite foldr_cat /foldr.
by apply dvdn_lcml.
(** Also, [lcml xs1] divides [lcml xs2] if [xs2] contains one extra element as compared to [xs1]. *)
Lemma lcm_seq_divides_lcm_super :
forall (x : nat) (xs : seq nat),
lcml xs %| lcml (x :: xs).
rewrite /lcml.
induction xs; first by auto.
rewrite -cat1s foldr_cat /foldr.
by apply dvdn_lcmr.
(** All integers in a sequence [xs] divide [lcml xs]. *)
Lemma lcm_seq_is_mult_of_all_ints :
forall (sq : seq nat) (a : nat), a \in sq -> exists k, lcml sq = k * a.
intros xs x IN.
induction xs as [ | z sq IH_DIVIDES]; first by easy.
rewrite in_cons in IN.
move : IN => /orP [/eqP EQ | IN].
+ apply /dvdnP.
rewrite EQ /lcml.
by apply int_divides_lcm_in_seq.
+ move : (IH_DIVIDES IN) => [k EQ].
exists ((foldr lcmn 1 (z :: sq)) %/ (foldr lcmn 1 sq) * k).
rewrite -mulnA -EQ divnK /lcml //.
by apply lcm_seq_divides_lcm_super.
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