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......@@ -29,6 +29,7 @@ This project targets Coq *non*-experts. Accordingly, great emphasis is placed on
Hypothesis H_sporadic_tasks:
sporadic_task_model task_period arr_seq job_task.
- When commenting, be careful not to leave any mispelled word: Prosa's CI system comprises a spell-checker that will signal any error. When comments have to contain variable names or mathematical notation, use square brackets (e.g. `[job_cost j]`). You can nest square brackets _only if they are balanced_: `[[t1,t2)]` will not work. In this case, use `<<[t1,t2)>>`.
- Document the sources of lemmas and theorems in the comments. For example, say something like "Theorem XXX in (Foo & Bar, 2007)", and document at the beginning of the file what "(Foo & Bar, 2007)" refers to.
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