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......@@ -115,7 +115,7 @@ Lemma wptp_safe n e1 e2 t1 t2 σ1 σ2 Φ :
world σ1 WP e1 {{ Φ }} wptp t1
Nat.iter (S (S n)) (λ P, |=r=> P) ( (is_Some (to_val e2) reducible e2 σ2)).
intros ? He2. rewrite wptp_steps // (Nat_iter_S_r (S n)); apply: rvs_iter_mono.
intros ? He2. rewrite wptp_steps //; rewrite (Nat_iter_S_r (S n)). apply rvs_iter_mono.
iDestruct 1 as (e2' t2') "(% & Hw & H & Htp)"; simplify_eq.
apply elem_of_cons in He2 as [<-|?]; first (iApply wp_safe; by iFrame "Hw H").
iApply wp_safe. iFrame "Hw".
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